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Let's Discuss! - "House Plant Therapy?!"

  Let's Discuss!  "House Plant Therapy?!" Hello World! Welcome back, my name is Benjamin! This post will be all about "House Plants" and how they harness mystical healing powers (well, sort of). Just to let you know in advance, I'm not claiming that house plants actually have any inherent mystical healing powers,  keep in mind that   your mileage may vary . That being said, it will be the focus of today's discussion as I think they are pretty neat.... Let's Discuss!  - "House Plants", eh? Enlighten me, what's the appeal?  I'm glad you asked! First of all, they bring an extra dimension to a room that simply cannot be replicated by anything else. The idea of having something that is alive and breathing in your working or living space is very appealing to me. I suppose a house plant could be perceived as a "pet" or "companion" in some instances. Imagine if you lived in a small, one bedroom apartment with a strict &q

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