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Let's Discuss! - "Roller coasters?!" - My Top 5!

  Let's Discuss! "Rollercoasters?!" - My Top 5! Hello World! Welcome back, my name is Benjamin! Today I would like to discuss something that randomly popped into my head....something that I haven't thought about in a long time!  I'm intrigued....what was your random thought? What do you want to share? I would like to share my favourite rollercoasters! I have visited a number of theme parks in my time and had the pleasure of boarding some great rides...I've also visited funfairs that featured full-blown rollercoasters! I'll run you through my top 5 coasters and at the end of the list I will also discuss some honourable of which will be a flat ride but it deserves a mention. Let's discuss!  "Do a barrel roll!" - a Starfox reference! 5.) The Flying Fish (The old one!) - Thorpe Park (UK) Might seem a little tame to you? This rollercoaster will always find itself in my top 5 favourites! The reason why? Well because this was my very

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