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Let's Discuss! - "Nintendo @ E3 2021" - Do people have unreasonable expectations?

 Let's Discuss! "Nintendo @ E3 2021" - Do people have unreasonable expectations? Hello, world! Welcome back, my name is Benjamin! Today I would like to discuss something that happened yesterday... a huge event in the world of gaming! I have some thoughts on the feedback that I have seen in terms of Nintendo's E3 Direct.  Hold on....what on earth is "E3?"  Ah, good question.....I should not assume that everyone who is reading this knows what E3 is, let me try my best to explain what it is. OK, so "E3" stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was inaugurated on the 11th of May 1995, and since then it has been an annual event for major video game developers, publishers, and hardware manufacturers to showcase their latest developments. In other words, it's a big annual show for video games, ta-da!  Now that we have defined what E3 is, I would like to focus on Nintendo and their contribution to the show... Let's discuss!  Brand new 3D Mario?

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